XXL Exfoliating Back Scrubber By Iduna Beauty LARGEST

Your search for the perfect whole body exfoliating solution is finally over!

When you purchase our Exfoliating Body Scrubber today here's what you should do...

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Product Features

  • ORDER 2, get FREE SHIPPING, & you won't have to share yours! Order now with complete peace of mind due to our 60-day better than money back guarantee. Seriously, NO CATCHES, NO SURPRISES, NO FINE PRINT. Iduna Beauty is a company founded to help people FEEL GREAT. If our exfoliator breaks, rips tears, or you are not happy for any reason, simply return it and we will refund your purchase price and you keep the facial exfoliator pad as a thank you gift from us.
  • Enjoy the invigorating confidence that comes with radiant blemish free skin. Our oversized 4 ¾ X 42 inch exfoliating scrubber is the LARGEST ON AMAZON and resists the flipping and twisting common with the cheap imitators, PLUS, you get a FREE BONUS facial polishing pad. Forget costly trips to the spa. You will be able to exfoliate your entire body EVERYDAY.
  • Using our exfoliator just feels great! Feel AMAZING as the 100% natural fiber exfoliating surface contours your body. Not to stiff or overly abrasive, it covers the entire face of the scrubber and is your first line of defense against unwanted Acne. You'll start using it to get clear radiant skin, and you'll keep using it because it feels SOO GOOD! Just read our reviews.
  • Super easy to use, no matter who you are! No matter if you are NATURALLY PETITE, Mr. OLYMPIA or someone suffering with ARTHRITIS, you will find that the extra length and oversized handles make our scrubber super easy to use. Did we mention that it just feels great!
  • Our GIFT QUALITY Exfoliator is the Largest Of Its Type On Amazon **The Huge Exfoliating Surface Dwarfs The Competition & Feels Great ** Buy Confidently With Our Better than Money Back Guarantee** Go Check Out Our Reviews & We'll See You At The Add To Cart Button.

Product Description

Your search for the perfect whole body exfoliating solution is finally over!

When you purchase our Exfoliating Body Scrubber today here's what you should do...

- When that happy little brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get.
- Take out your new exfoliator & admire the uniquely varied texture of the all natural Sisal exfoliator.
- Enjoy that the HUGE exfoliator is not limited to a dainty little patch in the middle, but generously covers an entire side.

Apply a small amount of your favorite body wash to the wet scrubber and give it a few squeezes. Once the rich lather appears, toss the scrubber over your shoulder and enjoy the revitalizing sensation that our reviewers are raving about.

Notice how the extra length and easy to grip handles make positioning the scrubber a breeze. Our extra wide scrubber naturally contours your back without flipping over and twisting the way that those narrow loofah scrubbers do. With your back done and feeling Marvelous, use it on the rest of your body to achieve that fresh from the Spa tingle. Your skin will glow.

Why is it better than all the rest?

- We made our scrubber several inches larger than any other.
- We covered an entire side with Sisal (or Agave sisalana as scientists like to refer to it). That's right, a close relative of the Tequila plant. More proof that Mother Nature loves us and wants us to be happy. Sisal rinses and dries out faster than loofah or other synthetic choices.

Our Better Than Money Back Guarantee: If you don't love it, return it, and we'll refund every penny. You keep the Facial Exfoliating pad as a FREE GIFT.

BUY TWO AND GET FREE SHIPPING. That's one for you, and one for your very best friend. Go ahead and place your order now. You'll be so glad you did.

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