Slim Extreme 3D Moisturizing Shower Scrubmassage Anticellulite


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  1. Joao says:

    Cellulite is something all women have. Despite being think or large. Its something that happens as we get older especially and is caused by the first layer of fat underneath out skin separating from the other issues and bulging. It is quite hard to get rid of and can be a pain huh?Some tips to help get rid of it: exercise if you exercise regularly and not too excessively you will not loose wight. in fact you’ll build muscle and this will tighten the muscle and skin on your legs/wherever you have cellulite. This will reduce the appearance of cellulite.So will a cream that has caffeine, use it daily and it will not totally get rid of it, but make it look better. However, if you stop using the cream, the cellulite will return. Moisturizing in general will help the look of this.Lastly, work to increase circulation in your cellulite areas by buffing or massaging your legs/wherever. There are tools to help with this to use in the shower (look at bliss products) or just simple massage with a moisturizer daily. This will liven up your skin and make it plump up a bit (not in a fat way, but more just younger and rejuvenated).Always though EXERCISE for toning and best results.Good luck!

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