Retseliney Best Organic Shea Sugar Scrub for Hand

Why invest a huge amount of money on Spas to have a polished, glamorous and renewed skin, more importantly, when you know that the use of harsh chemicals in a spa has the potential to damage... read more on Amazon website

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Product Features

  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS - The sugar scrub can be used for manicure or pedicure, to soften even rough, chapped, calloused man-hands, and to balance the natural oils in the skin. - This luxurious Spa Treatment nourishes and pampers skin like no other body scrub. It can be used on any dry areas that need extra hydration, like elbows and knees leaving a radiant, healthy and glowing skin always.
  • RICH EXFOLIATING ACTION - Retseliney's body sugar scrub has a gentle and effective exfoliating action due to the presence of natural sugar grains, which are considered to be one of the best natural ingredients for exfoliation. The sugar scrub gently removes the dead skin cells without leaving any scratches, repairs the damaged skin, polishes it to give a glamorous look, cleanses all the dirt from the pores and rejuvenates your skin. The exotic fragrance of Mango & Pomegranate is infused in the scrub to make it a pleasure to use.
  • DEEP MOISTURIZATION AND ANTI-AGING - Besides the exfoliating effect of sugar, Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, which helps slough off dead skin cells and promote cell rejuvenation. The combination of organic Shea butter and sugar works like a charm to give balanced hydration, softens your skin and makes it supple. This ultra moisturizing exfoliator is also enriched with powerful antioxidants like coconut oil and vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and to pamper your skin with a luxurious spa-like treatment.
  • NATURAL, ORGANIC AND SUPERIOR IN QUALITY - All Retseliney products are made from the purest form of natural and organic ingredients which are beneficial for your skin and do not contain Synthetic Dyes, Parabens, Phthalates, Alcohol, Fragrances, GMO's, Petrochemicals or Sulfates, Our products are Made in USA at an FDA approved facility and under highest level of quality control and skin experts advice. We believe in Good Manufacturing Practices! No testing on animals, Safe for all skin types, suitable for men & women.
  • YOUR SKIN NEEDS MORE - Retseliney has an entire range of skincare products like face wash, creams, face masks, moisturizers, anti-aging serums, foot scrub, etc. which take care of different aspects of your skin and all of them are super effective like this one. We also offer 100% Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee. However, we are quite confident that you will return to us only to buy many more. So, why think twice? Order this Hand & Body Scrub now and take advantage of a Retseliney Limited Time Special Offer - Buy More Than One Product and SAVE! Scroll Down this Page for Details.

Product Description

Why invest a huge amount of money on Spas to have a polished, glamorous and renewed skin, more importantly, when you know that the use of harsh chemicals in a spa has the potential to damage your skin cells?

With the use of our hydrating anti-aging hand & body sugar scrub, you will be amazed by the results that can be achieved with the combination of some intelligently combined natural ingredients. Our scrub takes care of multiple aspects of your skin:

- Effective Exfoliation through sugar - removes dry skin, helps in generation of new cells

- Sugar grains gently polish your skin to give glamorous appearance

- Unlike other exfoliators, the soft sugar grains leave no scratches or dried flaky skin

- Natural Glycolic acid in sugar makes it a natural humectant and helps in deep moisturization

- Can be used for manicure or pedicure, for treating the rough, calloused hands

- Neutralizes free radicals with antioxidants rich vitamin E and coconut oil


All our products are Made in USA under the highest level of quality control, at an FDA approved facility, and with ingredients in their purest form, to ensure that you only get benefited with our products.

Our high positive rating and reviews speak themselves for the quality of our products.


We offer 100% Risk-Free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with complete confidence.

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