Phyto*Lite Anti Cellulite Smoothing Body Scrub with Caffeine


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One Response to “Phyto*Lite Anti Cellulite Smoothing Body Scrub with Caffeine”

  1. Elissa choi says:

    Hello there. I am the owner of BonBliss Beauty. I had googled BonBliss and found that you had written about the Solid Body Scrubs. Here is the results listed on google to refresh your memory:

    BonBliss Mango Papaya Solid Body Scrub. They look so cute! I got these in the mail 2 weeks ago. Check out my post on my weekly mail to find out what o […] …

    Anyways, when I click on the link, I can’t seem to get it. It just shows up with Hugo’s. I searched your site and can’t seem to find it either. I would love to see what you had written and if it has been taken down, I would like to know the reason for that too.

    Thanks in advance for your response. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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