Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 100% Perfectly Pure Cold

How To Be Healthy...Use Virgin Coconut Oil
And Follow These Easy Directions

If you struggle with Dry Hair, Eczema,... read more on Amazon website

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Product Features

  • THE BEST COCONUT OIL YOU HAVE EVER TRIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Features a 12 oz Glass Container with a convenient 1/2 oz. Natural Birchwood Scooper. Shrink wrapped then securely bubble wrapped to prevent breakage & leakage during shipping.
  • Delicious and edible on its own if using for Oil Pulling, Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss or Reducing Cholesterol. Eat right out of the container. Spread on your favorite breads or muffins. Or, add a hint of tropical sweetness to your popcorn. Research and studies have shown using Coconut Oil encourages Healthy Hair, Scalp, Skin & Teeth. Plus, it helps our bodies fight bacteria and viruses that can make us sick.
  • Excellent addition to cooking & recipes. Nutrition Facts: Only 120 calories per serving size. FREE Online Download of our Coconut Oil Uses & Tips + Favoritie Recipes Guide, including scrumptious Smoothie Recipes, is available to our customers.
  • Vegetarian|Vegan Product. Trans Fat Free with no Additives or Preservatives used. 100% Pure and Natural. Cold pressed method is used to preserve the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and beneficial fatty acids naturally found in coconuts.
  • Coconut Oil is a popular carrier oil and perfect for diluting essential oils.

Product Description

How To Be Healthy...Use Virgin Coconut Oil
And Follow These Easy Directions

If you struggle with Dry Hair, Eczema, Wrinkled Skin, Dieting, High Cholesterol, an Underactive Thyroid, or overall poor health, our Premium Coconut Nutritional Oil may be all you need to remedy these conditions.

The Southern Zoomer Virgin Coconut Oil tastes and smells so good. Most importantly it is so healthy and versatile, you don't need anything else to enjoy the fantastic benefits.

-For Oil Pulling:Scoop straight from the jar with the scooper. Swish around in mouth for 20 minutes. Spit in a cup. Dispose in the trash.

-For Other Health Benefits, Cooking & Baking or Delicious Smoothie Recipes Download our Coconut Oil Uses, Tips + Favorite Recipes Guide.

Why Buy From Us?

-Produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. Made in the USA.
-High Quality Products that are Fresh, Pure & Natural
-Ships the same day. Delivered promptly in a securely wrapped package to your door
-Don't just take our word for it... check out our other products and what others are saying in our seller and product reviews.

We know you'll love our Coconut Oil, but just in case...your satisfaction is our top priority. If for some reason it's just not for you we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Just email or call us.

Limited Supply - Don't wait to start getting healthy.

When you click the Add To Cart Button Now you'll be on your way to experiencing THE BEST COCONUT OIL for your Health! more

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