Landi’s Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub 250g + Body

You Are Not Alone In Your Battle For Flawless Body & Face! The #1 Arabica Coffee Scrub Set Has Been Released...

... to make your powerful ally in your fight against persistent... read more on Amazon website

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Product Features

  • SMOOTHER, FIRMER & HEALTHIER SKIN! Treat your body to the premium services of the ultimate coffee exfoliator and let it radiate health and beauty! Landi's coffee body scrub will remove dead cells from legs, hands, back and feet, boost blood circulation, fight stubborn cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks, leaving your skin toned, firm and rejuvenated.
  • A GODSEND FOR A BEAUTIFUL FIGURE! With its potent anti-oxidant blend of COFFEE GRANULES, SALT, MINERAL OIL, COCONUT OIL AND VITAMIN E, this coffee exfoliant will do miracles for your body! Gently scrub on wet skin to massage target areas with the cellulite massager brush and prepare skin to receive all the benefits of your moisturizer cream. Feel refreshed with the heavenly COFFEE AROMA!
  • GET A TREMENDOUS VALUE CELLULITE REMOVER TOOL!We are offering you the ULTIMATE anti-cellulite treatment set of a Coffee Skin Care Scrub 250g PLUS a Cellulite Remover Brush as a UNIQUE GIFT! Indulge in the relaxing massage offered by a deluxe body scrubbing brush and let the DETOX properties of the best ground coffee scrub rid your body from cellulite and imperfections!
  • A PREMIUM SKIN CARE PRODUCT! Steer clear of doubtful origin skin exfoliator scrubs with harsh, skin-unfriendly ingredients that cause skin irritations and painful allergies! Soft and GENTLE, yet ULTRA EFFICIENT, Landi's coffee body scrub for cellulite will only leave your skin perfectly smooth, hydrated and younger-looking, without causing a speck of irritation!
  • A STUNNING GIFTING IDEA! Pamper yourself with a powerful weapon to fight women's beauty #1 enemy or thrill a loved lady with an amazing gift offered by nature and put a wide smile on her face! It is a full body scrub set that will make her daily skin care easier and more enjoyable, with impressive results that will draw compliments. Show off your taste on all gifting occasions!

Product Description

You Are Not Alone In Your Battle For Flawless Body & Face! The #1 Arabica Coffee Scrub Set Has Been Released...

... to make your powerful ally in your fight against persistent cellulite

... to treat you to a rejuvenating body massage

... to nourish and hydrate your body

... to make the most enjoyable part of your daily beauty ritual!

Landi's is equipping every lady's arsenal with a body scrub set that stands out: A 250gr Arabica Coffee Scrub Cellulite Remover + Anti-Cellulite Brush for miracle effects!

Checkmate To Cellulite With The Power Of Caffeine!

Wave stubborn cellulite goodbye and enjoy your figure SMOOTHER, FIRMER, MORE TONED and SLENDER!

Make this potent DETOX skin brightening scrub part of your daily body care:

Watch skin even in the most 'difficult' areas of buttocks, stomach, legs and the back of arms get velvety-soft by the day, as blood circulation is boosted, toxins removed, s t r e t c h-m a r k s limited and your inner beauty comes to surface!

Enjoy A Relaxing Anti-Cellulite Massage!

Rub the coffee granules scrub on wet skin in gentle circular moves with the anti- cellulite brush in the SOFT SILICONE BRISTLE design.

Indulge in relaxation with the most rejuvenating massager tool, release stress and tension and enjoy your skin smooth, firm and divinely fragranced in the unique COFFEE AROMA!

Offering You A COMPLETE Skincare Set!

We are adding GREAT VALUE to your cellulite remover kit, accompanying our Arabica Coffee Scrub with a Scrub Exfoliating Brush as a BONUS!

It is a premium skin treatment pack absolutely SAFE for health, the best COMPLETE firming coffee scrub offered at an unbeatable price!

Order Your Set Absolutely RISK-FREE!

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