Exfoliating Loofah Sponge Pads for Skin Care in

The Secrets to Having the Smoothest, Most Beautiful Skin.

- Exfoliate with a Loofah regularly! -Our Loofah Pad comes with a guide on how to use for best exfoliation and skin smoothing... read more on Amazon website

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Product Features

  • ALL NEW High Quality Loofah Exfoliating Pad. Our loofah pads not only help clear skin problems they are hypo allergenic and good for all skin types. They help reduce future skin problems such as breakouts or dryness by improving skin health and the natural detoxification ability of the skin. They are reusable, long lasting and are recommended by consumers, dermatologists and health professionals.
  • Don't let dry skin, blemishes or other skin problems control your skin health and appearance. Experience the same results others have using our high quality Loofah Exfoliating Pads.
  • Increase the skins natural detoxification ability! Great for men and women. No more harsh chemicals or unworkable products. Our effective and durable Loofah products work for complete exfoliation! This rejuvenates and cleans the skin more deeply and creates a radiant, youthful appearance. Remove stubborn dirt, skin discoloration, dry skin, reduce blemishes, blackheads, clear Acne breakouts and assists treatments of dry, flaky skin and other skin conditions.
  • Pad fits into hand with elastic to hold in place when using. Size Approximately 5.5
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Product Description

The Secrets to Having the Smoothest, Most Beautiful Skin.

- Exfoliate with a Loofah regularly! -Our Loofah Pad comes with a guide on how to use for best exfoliation and skin smoothing techniques. -When you receive your Wicked Exfoliating Loofah Pad, hop in the shower, or tub, lather the loofah with soap, and start experiencing the luxury of using this top-of-the-line, spa quality loofah product.

Cleaning and Exfoliating Made Easy!.

- This 5.5 by 4 inch scrubber is the perfect size for men and women. - The loofah is neither too rough nor too soft, use as directed and your back, neck, and legs will be perfectly exfoliated. The BEST Quality Loofah Products Available - All Wicked Loofah products are grown and made in the USA. No compressed and low quality loofah designs or sponges that come from imported loofah products. - Because this scrubber is made with real loofah, you never have to worry about artificial dyes or harsh chemical poisoning your skin or causing rashes. . - The loofah is natural and bio-degradable; properly cared for it doesn't have the offensive smell that comes with sisal and hemp products.


- You won't find this great deal anywhere else! -

In addition to all the above you will also be emailed a special skin care report for your use also absolutely FREE..

The sponge has a 30 day replacement guarantee. We stand behind the quality of our products!

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