Coffee Body and Face Scrub Mint 100% Natural


1️⃣Shower on, clothes off.
2️⃣Rub over your face, belly, booty ,bum and body - Like you're polishing yourself.
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Product Features

  • ✅Common Grounds️ VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE arabica coffee scrub simplifies your routine, by exfoliating MOISTURIZING & NOURISHING ALL IN ONE. Shower on, clothes off, rub our scrub all over body, booty, butt, rinse off. Simple. All ingredient are SOURCED SUSTAINABLY♻️
  • ✅ANTI AGING & REJUVENATING - PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS. Detoxifying - Toxins Remover & impurities from outer layers. REMOVE DULL, DRY SKIN - EXFOLIATE THE OLD. Softens & smoothens skin - Polish and reveal the new. Hydrating & Brightening - Vitamin rich natural oil. Beauty for Men and women.
  • ✅ SCRUBS REDUCE CELLULITE, STRETCH MARKS AND SPIDER VEINS - INCREASE COLLAGEN PRODUCTION & DEHYDRATE FAT CELLS. ACNE & ECZEMA - Clears pores and reduces redness. Pore refining - Tightens without blocking pores. Even skin tone - Increases cell turnover.
  • ✅100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! - We at Common Grounds️ have built our small USA business around our customers, and our ongoing desire to provide them with quality products. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied simply return for your money back within 30 days.
  • ✅DID YOU KNOW - Our coffee grounds have incredible benefits for your skin! The caffeine contained in our coffee beans can effectively tighten the skin and reduce swelling. Being rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Common Grounds can improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness, help fade wrinkles and noticeably moisturize skin. Better results than any cream.

Product Description


1️⃣Shower on, clothes off.
2️⃣Rub over your face, belly, booty ,bum and body - Like you're polishing yourself.
3️⃣Take a moment then rinse off.
4️⃣Use 2 - 3 times per week for soft, healthy skin.


⚪️Coffee and other natural coarse grounds for exfoliation.
⚪️Natural oils for fragrance and moisturizing.
⚪️Exfoliator + Moisturizer + Vitamin & Antioxidant serum in one process.
⚪️Removes dull, dry skin - Exfoliate the old.
⚪️Softens & smoothens skin - Polish and reveal the new.
⚪️Hydrating & Brightening - Vitamin rich Natural Oils.
⚪️Anti-aging & Rejuvenating - Packed with Antioxidants.
⚪️Detoxifying - Removes toxins & impurities from outer layers.
⚪️Reduce cellulite & stretch marks - Increase collagen production & dehydrate fat cells.
⚪️Acne & Eczema - Clears pores and reduces redness.
⚪️Pore refining - Tightens without blocking pores.
⚪️Even skin tone - Increases cell turnover and fades marks.
⚪️ Made in Brooklyn 🇺🇸
✅100% Money back guaranteed.


⚪️Coffee - Scrubs away dry and damaged skin, stimulates blood flow and assists collagen production.
⚪️Himalayan Pink Salts - Added exfoliation, antiseptic, cleansing removes excess oil and shrinks large pores.
⚪️Brown Sugar - Naturally contains glycolic acids - stimulates collagen production, unclog pores and evens skin tone.
⚪️Coconut Oil - Packed with Vitamin E and essential amino acids - repairs, nourishes and protects.
⚪️Grapeseed Oil - Vitamin-rich non - greasy oil to moisturize after you've scrubbed.
⚪️Spearmint Oil - Fights bacteria that can cause breakouts.
⚪️Vanilla Oil - A relaxing, mood lifting scent that's widely used in aromatherapy treatments.
Please note ingredient compositions will differ with products. View product images to confirm before purchasing🏝 more

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